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Latino Task Force Job Opportunities

Join the Latino Task Force, where we work tirelessly to uplift and amplify the voices of the Latino community. We proudly partner with MLVS and BACR to offer job opportunities and support. Explore our page to view our job descriptions and take the first step toward achieving your career goals.
Join Our Movement: Current Openings
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LTF Education & Family Advocate Navigator

The LTF Education Navigator will be responsible for youth, family, and school engagement. The work of the LTF Education Navigator is to ensure that all LTF families have support and access to services that help improve their child's education outcomes.

LTF Lead Teacher - Summer 

The LTF Lead Teacher is responsible for a classroom of 15-20 children. The Lead Teacher's role is to implement the students' academic and enrichment instruction, safety, and engagement in the Latino Task Force Summer Hub Program.

LTF Assistant Teacher - Summer

The Teacher Assistant supports a classroom of 15-20 children. The role of the Teacher Assistant is to assist the Lead Teacher in implementing the students' instruction, learning, safety, and engagement in the summer program.

MLVS Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist

The Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist develops and executes outreach plans that will recruit youth participants for youth programs at MLVS. Provides re-entry coordinated services and support the Education Team with Education Hub programming. 

LTF Case Manager

The Case Manager role provides comprehensive wrap-around support for all LTF

clients. This includes but is not limited to housing, income, public benefit, health,

immigration/legal, translation, and food assistance.

LTF Reentry Navigator

This position will help clients connect to various services needed to avoid being system--

involved. This position will work closely with the various justice partners to provide referrals and interim case plans and services to clients. The position must pass jail clearance and work evenings and weekends. Evening hours will be required—weekends as events arise.

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