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Street Needs Committee

The Street Needs Committee is one of the 13 committees of the Latino Task Force. The Street Needs Assessment Committee is comprised of organizations working on housing and homelessness issues in San Francisco, a number of whom focus their work in the Mission District. Created in May 2020, the Street Needs Committee performed its first assessment of Mission District residents living on the street, May 27-28, 2020, to document the specific needs of this population. From the outset of the work the committee’s work has been to create a living document that provides guidance to move the city towards healing–“helping the city get better at being better.” The resulting document provided a set of recommendations and plans guided by the same community-led, community-driven, community-implemented practices that drive all of the LTF committees and provide the ongoing framework for its partnerships with the city.

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We believe that this report from the Street Needs Assessment Committee and the ensuing Proyecto Dignidad (Dignity Project) plan to transition the homeless into housing will surprise, enrage, and sadden many readers. And hopefully, it will also compel some readers into action – demanding that the city of San Francisco do better for its most vulnerable residents. 

Creemos que este informe del Comité de Evaluación de las Necesidades de la Calle y el subsiguiente Plan Proyecto Dignidad para la transición de las personas sin casa a vivienda sorprenderá, enfurecerá y entristecerá a muchos lectores. Y con suerte también obligará a algunos lectores a la acción: exigiendo que la ciudad de San Francisco haga lo mejor por sus residentes más vulnerables.

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